North Texas Bracket Racing: Videos, Results, and More!


Welcome to North Texas Bracket Racing. What we’re after here is a way to promote our sport, not only with the use of racing videos, but including behind the scenes action that your average fan doesn’t get to experience from the stands.  Things like candid shots of bench racing between rounds, pulling cards in the staging lanes,  racer profiles and spotlights just to name a few.  Anything that will make this site unique and open the spectator to the heart of the sport.

With 5 Sanctioned dragstrips in the DFW Metroplex and dozens of other dragstrips within a close radius, North Texas houses some of the best bracket racers in the country.  With such great talent comes equal entertainment. plans to feature drivers and teams throughout the seasons through in-car cameras, track placed cameras and driver interviews.  It is time to showcase the talents, stories and entertainment of the bracket racers who call North Texas home.

We encourage all of our fellow racers to get involved by donating your racing footage to be included, the more the better, and if you have an idea that would improve the site don’t hold back, let us know by using the North Texas Bracket Racing Facebook page.

It’s in the development stage now, so be patient, things will be changing while we are “shooting from the hip”. Everybody has to start somewhere!

This page is operated by the following:

Max McGlothin- Jr. & Sportsman Spotlights
Ryan Gleghorn- Information & Insight
Steve McDermott Jr- Multimedia & Technical Lead
Angie Riza- Calendars & Events
Gus Deatherage- Direction & Motivation
John Crow- Inspiration